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Events Schedule for 2018

Main Stage Schedule

Meditation Stage Schedule at Zen Center
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11:00   Chanting/ Zen Center

11:30   Taiko/ Watsonville             Taiko Group

12:00   Martial Arts Demon-
stration/ Aikido of Santa Cruz

12:30   Official Greetings/ Vice-Mayor of Santa Cruz and the Japanese Consul General, from San Francisco

1:00  Minyou/ Matsutoyo Kai (Folk Song & Dance)

1:30  Shakuhachi (Bamboo flute) / Karl Young

2:00  Bon Odori (Folk Dance) / Chieko

2:30  Koto / Marimo Kai

3:00  Awa Odori (Folk Dance) / Sakura Ren

3:45   Shamisen / Bachido

4:15   Okinawan Dance / Ohtori Kinsen-Kai

5:00   Taiko/ San Francisco
           Taiko Dojo

MC:  Doug Grude


12:00   Bonsai / Tim Shea

1:00     Ikebana/ Ikenobo Watsonville Group (Flower Arrangement)

2:00     Sadou (Tea Ceremony) / Aiko Tauchi

3:00     Kimono Workshops / Keiko

Otemae at tea room: 12p.m., 1p.m., 3p.m., 4p.m.

113 School Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95060


Aikido of Santa Cruz
306 Mission St.
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
(831) 423-8326
a non-profit, public benefit, educational organization,
serving the community since 1982


1:00-1:30........Aikido of Santa Cruz-- Young People’s program --Louise Alaniz, , Jay Munyer, Aimen Al Refai

1:30-2:00.........Aikido of Santa Cruz --Linda Holiday

2:00-2:30.........School of Sword and Staff -- Dov Nadel

2:30-3:00.........Renseikan Kyudo --Steve Scott

3:00-3:30.........Rod Sanford’s Traditional Karate
 --Rod Sanford

 3:30-4:00.........Japanese Swordsmanship – the Art of Iaido
--Thomas Helm

 4:00-4:30.........Judo – UCSC Judo Club
--Chase Oishi



Japanese Cultural Fair
E-mail: jcf@baymoon.com
Phone: 831.462.4589

Fair Location:
        Mission Plaza Park
(in front of Holy Cross Church)

103 Emmett St
Santa Cruz Ca 95060

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Watsonville Taiko
Bamboo flute maker
Japanese American Citizens League booth
Vegetable and Fruit carving
JCF Booth
Kimono wrapping demonstration
Aikido using a stick or sword
Ikebana demonstration
How to Bonsai a tree
Koto players
Kimono model
One of the food booths
Ikebana in the childrens area
San Francisco Taiko Dojo

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